What is essential is invisible to the eyes


Framing your artwork is the best way to protect it from hazards of time and to extend its life-span while highlighting it. Arteland offers tailor-made frames for your artworks through a beautiful selection of materials, colors and depth. Besides the overall aesthetics, Arteland cares for the quality and choice of the main components of the frameOur materials are environmentally friendly, low or neutral pH, and ensure a long-term storage: acid-free recycled cardboard and paper, anti UV glass if necessary, neutral glues and adhesives, etc.

In order to advise you and meet your expectations, Arteland works in close cooperation with a professional framer.





Using good quality materials offers maximum and long protection.The mount is made of natural oak, but can also be made in painted wood: natural, black, ceruse and white. The thickness of the sticks depends on the size of the item and the final weight of the product and varies between 0.5 and 2 cm.





Each frame is crafted in accordance with handcrafting framing and conservation standards. Arteland demonstrates its attention to detail by thanks to high-skilled craftmen who guarantee a handcrafted framing with careful finishing touches.

Our framing craftsmen spend the time it needs on each creation. Arteland uses the best traditional craft techniques in order to guarantee a high quality realization.


Every original work is left untouched and remains in its original condition. Each artwork is isolated and protected so as to avoid any dangerous contact with its environment. The craftsmen always choose the best fixing method offering the best guarantees in terms of safety.





[notes] Sobriété/ trouver quatre ou cinq adjectifs / simplicité / ça peut se mettre partout (pourquoi on encadre comme ça)

Rapport entre le bois et les oeuvres sur papier, beaucoup plus esthétique que le plastique noir des encadreurs industriels. 




Arteland makes its maximum to send your framed artwork as soon as possible (7 to 10 days).



For further information regarding our framing service, we invite you to download the attached PDF, so you will be able to print and consult it as you wish. For any order or personalized request, please contact us by phone or email.


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